понедельник, 8 октября 2007 г.

spark_of_chaos: Not least, by all means because omg the snorfle!factor

There is this one single real life friend of mine whom I've told about fandom and shown one of my stories to (unless you count the sister, whom I sometimes forget is in fact a being separate from my own). The girl is everything I am not, with the shining exception of a few moments. She was in an up moment and I was in a down one, and it was the perfect time for us to meet because she's uplifting and I needed that. She bragged a new sexual experiment; she says I have that effect on her, to make her talk of sex (a statement I won't comment on, despite being terribly tempted :g:), which in all accuracy is not by any means on purpose. "I did something new and different that I had been meaning to do for a while," she said in those exact words, and by telepathy and a healthy weekly dose of slash porn I knew before the sentence was over what she had done. "it's actually very, very good, and not what a girl generally expects of it" she continued, after some time of omg-how-did-you-know and lol-how-was-it, "with one teensy-weensy detail." Cue spoil-fun detail explanation. (which I shall skip in this narrative ;)) "Well," I told her, with a smirk copied from I won't tell you where, "you can solve that by ... [insert a short list of valuable buttsex insightful moments]." She sat there, a little awed, and being perfectly aware of my partnerless state enquired after a minute or ten how on earth did I...? I grinned and told her nothing, although I might have learned the trick from a cute blond guy having the same problem in a popular work of porn art inspired by a popular literary piece featuring children's books' characters. We moved on then to the interesting topic of when on Earth the BG translation of HP & DH will finally come out, which you have to admit is a rather curious turn of conversation, and also a sweetly appropriate one.

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